Lianmeng manufactures durable in a long time

Pursue excellence, provide professionalproducts and service.



Lianmeng machinery equipment co.,ltd built in Yangzhou City, JiangsuProvince in 1983.

Cooperated with Nanjing Daily Chemical ResearchInstitute, produced the first vacuum homogenizing emulsifier equipment in 1988.

To offer better service to the customers, we builta branch in Guangzhouin 1996.

After rigorous evaluation and review, LIENM got D1,D2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing license which are issued bythe national official.

Guangzhou Lianmeng Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltdestablished, in the same year, the intelligent devices have been put into use.

Cooperate with South Korea leading emulsifiercompany for technical and marketing.

Because of the business requirement, East ChinaOffice has been establish in Shanghai.

Cooperate with Japan company for technical andmarketing.

We built a trading company for providing the highquality imported resource to cosmetic manufacturer.

Adopt the imported components from Germany, America,Japan,Korea etc, to make the highquality products which makes the customerssatisfied and trust.

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