The only automated machinery
manufacture in Asia-Pacific

International certification

Imported part

One stop solution service

Strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management

system and GMP sanitary standard.

With completed supplying chain for technology research,manufacturing, and marketing plan etc.

Use the German, USA, Japan an Korean imported parts.



Guangzhou Lianmeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a company with scientific enterprise, concentrating on researching developing, producing and marketing service, with full set processing equipment, perfect flowchart, Strong technical support, Excellent product development and design ability.

LIENM is the first factory who owns the pressure vessel manufacturing license in China.

Imported the CNC, sheet metal, welding, machining and testing equipment from abroad,

which ensures the leading position in this field.

Products sells well in USA, Europe, Africa, Asian, etc. Country and gains good reputation

from the customer.

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